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Protip introduces ProPuck machined plastic pucks manufactured to your requirements and providing the flexibility and speed of delivery that production lines now require. Our machined pucks provide the ability for production lines to be quickly adapted for different product batches.

We supply many customers with ProPucks to transport both standard and irregular shaped products through different manufacturing operations in volume manufacturing plants. Manufacturers now need to be more responsive and agile in order to suit just-in-time manufacturing.  Many of our customers have two sizes in one Puck for increased flexibility.  Simply turn the puck over and run a different bottle line.

We use our extensive machining experience to ensure the correct choice of material grade, geometric shape of contact features and appropriate surface finish to protect the product throughout processing.

We Can:

Manufacture pucks to your specifications - including specialist items for bespoke applications. Send us your CAD drawings for FREE Prototype

Modify existing pucks for new products

Work with your engineers in order to deliver the right solution for you